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Topic: What Were You Doing When??
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View profile for BabyCagleHead
Started on: 9/10/2002 10:33:37 PM
Though all of you are spread out of the US, I feel close to all of you. With tomorrow being 1 year since 9/11 I was wondering what yall were doing when you heard about it. I can remember it down to a "T". I had just got out of class and was late going to a doc appointment because believe it or not I couldn't find my cagle cd... when a friend came running across my residence hall screaming turn on the t.v. Though I went to my appointment and what not. I couldn't get over what happened because just 2 months later I knew I was traveling to Europe. Hope you all reply to my post and Play it loud!! *~*Katie Lou*~*
View profile for Beana
Posted on: 9/10/2002 10:48:25 PM
I was @ school when I found out what had happened. I just arrived in my World History class when my teacher came in and turned on the TV. I saw clouds of smoke. Suddenly everybody was asking what was happening. When he told us, My heart sank. As somebody passed out our worksheets for the day, I couldn't even take my eyes off the tv. Tears filled up my eyes for I knew this would change everything.
View profile for Flutechick728
Posted on: 9/10/2002 10:58:42 PM
I was getting ready to go to my English class and had just gotten out of the shower when I heard the news that the first plane had hit. I must have stood at the TV in my towel for the next hour before realizing what was really happening. Not long after I had to go to class, getting there I talked to many people that were worried because they had family that worked in the towers. We talked with the Prof. for a few minutes about what was going on and then he dismissed to go back to our homes to call and talk with our familys. I will truly never forget that day! To any that lost a loved one that day, my deepest sympathies go out to you.CagleLove~Amanda~
View profile for Salsamaker
Posted on: 9/10/2002 11:36:11 PM
I was asleep when the first one hit, but woke up immediately after thinking it was a movie and tried to change the channel. When I realized this was the real deal I called my parents, then tried to call a friend in PA to make sure they were okay, no answer. Then called my sis in law in Louisiana, then came on here . Being a Marine, I immediately went on alert and didn't know what I could do to help as I am medically retired. I think I helped a few people on here to calm fears, and just listen/ talk with them. I hope Abbie (Chris' Webgodess as he called her) is doing okay. I know she lost a good friend in the towers.
View profile for CagleninRI
Posted on: 9/11/2002 12:33:35 AM
I was napping and my husband called and told me. I was on the phone with him as the second plane hit and when the first tower fell. I was also a week away from giving birth to my second daughter. She was born on September 18th. I would like to send my prayers and thoughts out to all those affected by this. My Dad was a retired Firefighter and We lost him in May to Cancer. It me hard because of him being a firefighter. I feel for everyone. I can't imagine those fire companies that lost all those men. It's so hard to swallow; still!
Posted on: 9/11/2002 1:10:09 AM
My step-dad woke me up when it happened (it was 6 am here) and asked me where my friend Jamie worked. I (being very grumpy at six in the morning) mumbled Cantor Fitzgereld. After some more questions, he got out of me that Jamie worked on the 104th floor of WTC. He pulled me up and told me to go look at the tv. That was... a hard day.


P.S. Jamie didn't make it, but did save a co-worker. He lead a good life though, and is remembered fondly by everyone who knew him!

View profile for PandoraMayfaire
Posted on: 9/11/2002 1:55:37 AM
I was on my way to work, I had just finished voting and was walking out of The World Financial building when the fist plane hit, hearing the explosion and looking up not believing what I was seeing, it finally sank in I need to take cover (the World Financial buildings are right across and diagonal from where the WTC was) After feeling safe enough to get out of the building I had run back into, I made it home before the next plane hit the second tower. I had to leave my apartment to try and get info to rescue workers of where my best friends uncle was trapped. After that I was evacuated from the area and sent to different areas through the day. I finally made it to my husband at 10 pm that night at his office. This day will forever be in my memories as well as the victims and their families. WE WILL NEVER FORGET
View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 9/11/2002 2:44:33 AM
I was asleep when the first plane hit, and had the tv on but was not really paying attention until right after the second plane hit (making breakfast) I was supposed to be at work at 11 that day to patrol the streets of downtown Columbus but of course got the day off. I remember driving around near campus, where my office is, and it was a beautiful day but nobody was out, it was really weird. Tomorrow will be a little odd for me because once again I'll be going into work during the day, my only day shift of the week, just like last September, but I'll be riding my bike around the parks and trails of Columbus so I'm a little excited to see the displays of patriotism all around. Meghan
View profile for Chrissy
Posted on: 9/11/2002 8:30:28 AM
I remember that I was in the multi-purpose room of high school worrying about these plays that we were putting on. I remember one of my friends coming in quietly and telling our teacher and she calmly walked us back to our room where we saw the news on the tv. I remember watching the towers fall and crying. I don't think that I will ever forget that feeling as long as I live. Chrissy
View profile for Rebecca
Posted on: 9/11/2002 10:05:33 AM
I was at school in Gym class and we just got done streching and are teacher got handed a paper and she read the paper to us and said there as been an act of war on America the world trade centers have been hit with 2 planes and thats when she really got talking to us and we all said a paryer for the people that were in the and the police and firermen and the we all went to call our parnets- My school was in a frenzy and the halls were pacted with parents crying I had to walk out of school to get my sister and drag her in to sign me out I will never forget that day. god bless the usa-becky
View profile for BabyCagleHead
Posted on: 9/11/2002 10:24:22 AM
My heart goes out to each and everyone of you today, if you knew someone that has passed on or not! My heart is with you. Today I am wearing a shirt that says Real Heros Don't Wear Capes... which is the truth... they wear uniforms and for those who lost their lives they now wear wings!! Thank you all for sharing your stories with me... keep em coming! God Bless You All!!!
View profile for caglefanintexas
Posted on: 9/11/2002 10:43:29 AM
I was at home asleep. My mom called and asked if I was watching t.v. which i sarcastically replied to as "how can i be watching t.v. if i am asleep? this better be important." when she told me what happened, i got up to go to the t.v and the one in the living room wouldnt come on for some reason, therefore i had to go to my mom's room and watch. i have lived in this house for almost 10 years and could not remember where her room was. once i composed myself, i headed back there and turned the t.v. on. i was in such shock that i couldnt even sit down, all i could do was stand there and cry, scream, and pray. my heart goes out to the people who lost their lives just doing normal everyday tasks. i guess with all this rambling on i only have two things left to say...i love my fellow cagleheads and GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.!!! WE WILL RISE ABOVE AND BEYOND THIS!!! ---love, jesse
View profile for CTCCFan
Posted on: 9/11/2002 12:05:45 PM
I was sleeping when everything was happening no one had woken me up until later. I remember my mom coming into my room saying shannon you've got to get up we're under attack and I'm really scared! I was so confused at this point and knowing my mom over reacts to a lot of things I said to her "What are you talking about?" She told me about the trade center, the pentagon and the plan in PA and that more could be coming. I have never been so scared in my life. I rushed down to the TV and just then I saw the first tower fall my heart just sank and I couldn't imagine at that moment how things could ever be the same in America. To those who have perished R.I.P. and to those who still live my peace find us here on earth.
View profile for misty.d.rennie
Posted on: 9/11/2002 12:12:32 PM
I can remember that day clearly I unfortunately didnt see it all happen because i was sound asleep I had got my older 2 girls on the bus that morning and I was extremely tired because I was pregnant so I decided to go back to sleep I also turned off the phone so noone would bother me..I was woke up to someone beating on my door it was my cousin my husband was scared to death something happened to me cuz he couldnt reach me and knew it would greatly upset me to hear the news and being pregnant he was thinking the he called my cousin to come check on me,she gave me the info and left me standing there so she could go get her son from school because none of us really knew what was going to happen,I also got dressed and took off out the door to get my girls from school.I pray to god that he and the american men and women in our armed forces get the evil ones that took those great americans from us on that september day in 2001......god bless america...mistydrennie
View profile for Tiff8CountryGirl
Posted on: 9/11/2002 1:11:18 PM
I was in English class and the principal came in and told the teacher and he face went white and she said Can someone please turn the TV to channel 7? And that's what we saw. I was in shock the rest of the day and I think we all just wanted to go home. It was a very somber, sad day. ~8~Tiffany~8~
View profile for cityslick-countrygrl
Posted on: 9/11/2002 1:13:52 PM
I just heard a good story on the radio. A lady called in and last year her and her 4 or 5 year old daughter were watching the news, she didn't want her little girl to see too much but she did want her to know what was going on. after a minute the little girl said "papa must be busy" (refering to her father she had just recently lost). when her mom asked why is that she answered "because i know he's an angel and he must be busy down there takeing all of those people to heaven". all her mom could say was"yup, he must be" with tears rolling down her face.

I thought that was a good story to share. The words of a child are often just what we need to hear.

I don't remember that day clearly but i know i didn't even get to hear about it till around 1pm. and when i did i didn't understand what happened at all because the info I got was very uninformal, but a little later while i was still in school I when in the library and they had the T.V. on. All I can remember is sitting there watching all the footage and being in a complete state of shock, it didn't seem real, and all I could do was watch. not till later did I truly understand the effects that that day was going to have on our country. I mourn for those who lost there loved ones and rejoice for those who made it out. and over all i think this tragic event has brought us all closer and has opened our eyes to the importance of life and freedom. I feel so Blessed to live in America. God HAS Blessed us!!! Take care.

Devona aka HobieFan
View profile for Devona aka HobieFan
Posted on: 9/11/2002 2:17:22 PM
It was one of the few mornings I slept in little! I had just shut the cd Play It Loud off to listen to the radio! Then it came across WTC had been hit.
View profile for SandraR
Posted on: 9/11/2002 5:05:44 PM
I was at work and my sister came in early to tell me about it,she heard on the radio. I thought she was kidding.So, we went out to lunch and heard it, on the radio that the second plane hit and there was another plane in the air. Then when I got home and turn the T.V. on I set down and cryed for all them peolpe, that was killed.
View profile for hak5
Posted on: 9/11/2002 6:25:29 PM
i was floating off the coast of miami on my boat [u.s. coast guard] on the way to pick up 3 teenage cuban immigrants [who had been at sea on a bunch of tires and wood loosly tied together in an effort to escape cuba]. for some reason that day the tv reception was crystal clear [usually very snowy when we were off-shore]. it was a very wierd day!
View profile for CCROCKS
Posted on: 9/11/2002 9:34:06 PM
I was at home and when I heard the news I called my mom at work. My sister and her husband were coming in for a visit and at that time the details were sketchy as to what planes they were and where they came from. We were on edge for a while. Then seeing the towers fall,especially after being there when i was in high school was unreal.
View profile for CagleFan824
Posted on: 9/11/2002 9:54:58 PM
I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was driving down the road on my way to classes, listening to my radio, when they broke in and said a plane had hit one of the WTC towers. They said it looked like a freak accident. Then before I got to school they said the 2nd plane had hit.

I remember pulling in the parking lot at school and jsut sitting there in awe. They werent sure who or why it happened but then began saying a possible terrorist attack. When I got into school and seeing the pictures on the screen, all I could do was stand there in awe. As more news came about the Pentagon and the crash in Pennsylvania, it seemed so unreal. I just wanted to go home and hug my husband and children. School closed at noon and I went home to watch the events on TV. All I could do is sit and watch with my family, cry and pray for all the people and families affected by this.


View profile for caglehead_of_lascassas
Posted on: 9/12/2002 12:55:16 AM
I can also remember that day like it was yesterday. I was asleep, and my aunt called to tell me to turn on television, so I did. I could NOT believe my eyes because as soon as I turned the TV on, the plane flew into the 2nd Tower. I just dropped to my knees to pray. It was a day I will never forget. And those victims & their families will never be forgotten either. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
Ryan McGraw (Lil`Tim)
View profile for Ryan McGraw (Lil`Tim)
Posted on: 9/12/2002 5:12:19 PM
I was asleep when it happened. I didn't know about it til close to 4pm.
View profile for AussieWishin
Posted on: 9/12/2002 8:59:39 PM
I was in my choir class, and the teacher wasn't quiet herself so we asked what was up and she told us. None of us really understood the impact of what was going on until, i got home a little after 3.
View profile for Aimee78
Posted on: 9/12/2002 10:51:27 PM
I work at a daycare and I was at my job that day. I remember standing there with another teacher, and for some reason we had the TV on CNN.I dont know why, we just did. Anyway, we saw the first plane hit, and I remember saying "What kind of idiot is that guy? Didnt he see that big huge building there, how could he have hit it?" Then when the second plane hit, I knew it was not an accident and we were in trouble..I will never forget where I was or all the unnamed heros who died for us that day..They made the ultimate scarfice, and will be honored always.
View profile for cms121979
Posted on: 9/13/2002 1:49:15 AM
I will never forget 9/11/01. I was here at home, just awaken by the telephone. It was my dad who works in Philadelphia. All I heard him say was "get downstairs and turn the TV on. I have to go, but I will call later." So being in complete shock, I did just that. When I saw that the WTC had been hit, my heart sank. My best friend in my whole little world lives in Brooklyn and at the time, worked very close to the WTC - but how close I just couldnt remember. Immediately, i froze ... half not knowing what to do, half not wanting to know what happened. After the shock wore off, I picked up the phone like so many people had. Of course, there was no way I was getting through. I tried every possibly phone number I had for her - I even tried her parents in Queens. I had no way of reaching her. Complete dismay, mixed with anger and frustration made that day seem like it was never going to end. There was a blood drive in town that morning I was planning on going to anyway .. So I made sure I still got there .. Since the demand was even higher now. I never did hear from my friend until well after 7 pm that night. I answered my phone with an anticipatory "hello" .. and her voice was very shaky .. and it was then we both broke out in tears. I found out in that conversation that she worked DIRECTLY across the street .. and being a manager in the building had to evac the building before she could leave. Her husband being of middle eastern decent had no other choice than to "hide out" in his own country because of the hate crimes that soon followed. After all she was through, she had to live with the images she saw (situations which no human should EVER have to live through - either in trouble or just watching it happen) and deal with her terror alone because people stereotype others wrongly. After two weeks, things had calmed down somewhat and he could return to their home and be with her again. It still amazes me that after all we as a country, as a people, and as the God loving people we claim to be can judge people simply based on religion or skin color. And even if you dont think it goes on, it still does very often. Remember those affected by these traic events directly ... but dont ever forget those that have been indirectly affected.
View profile for kellysue
Posted on: 9/13/2002 10:58:49 AM
I had just turned on the tv and saw what I thought was a coal mine or something burning their coal etc, not realizing what it was until they said it on tv to update everyone. I just stood there w/ the jaw dropped and tears and trying to keep the kids quiet for a moment so I could see what happened. Then my dad called to see if I knew. He said he was worried about my mom,(even though they're divorced!) I said I'd try to get a hold of her. She works in York, PA for the Dept. of Immigration. I called my grandmother to see if mom was ok. My mom stays there w/ my grandmother and said mom had called earlier for her to turn on the tv and that she was ok. But they couldn't call to Baltimore because all their phone lines were down to see if they were to stay or go home. Well they finally went home early. The next day my grandmother was going to meet my mom for lunch and they wouldn't let her in because of all of this. I think mom said that they brought a bunch of prisoners to their facility that were from NY that was nearby from where the towers were. Their caseload had doubled from it and are trying to play catch up with all of it.

My heart goes out to all the firefighters and their families. Being the wife of a firefighter is tough because I know in the back of my mind he may not come home. And knowing those guys and gals never had a chance or realized what was happening to try to get out faster. They all died heroes trying to save others. I watched w/ tears the other day the documentary of some of them and while they were in the twin towers setting up command posts, etc. It was heart wrenching to know they didn't have a clue what was about to happen. All I can say is that wherever you are, if you see an ambulance or a fire truck racing down the road, please get out of their way. You never know... it just may be your house on fire or a relative hurt. Time is on their side if everyone will do this and get out of the way when they come your way. Thanks for listening..

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