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Topic: i met chris!! he was so awesome
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View profile for txcaglegirl
Started on: 10/10/2002 4:21:10 PM
i went to his concert on Oct 4th in austin at the Backyard. i got backstage passes, but it was only to meet tommy shayne steiner. so i knocked on Chris Cagle's dressing room door (opps) and got to meet him. he didn't mind at all, but the bodygaurds yelled at us. oh well, it was so worth it. he was the star of the show, and he wasn't even the main performer; Brad Paisley was. anyways..i thought i would share that excitement with yall. he's such an awesome singer, my favorite country singer actually :)
View profile for Chris_Cagle_galfan
Posted on: 10/10/2002 6:25:42 PM
you're one lucky girl! Juliana
PA Caglehead
View profile for PA Caglehead
Posted on: 10/12/2002 12:20:20 AM
Hey, ya lucky girl you!! Chris is a sweetheart and we have all been blessed by his music and his sweet heart. Chris, love ya hon!! Diane
View profile for Schmidty3
Posted on: 10/29/2002 10:43:54 PM
I will agree with you! A few weeks ago as my team and I flew to El Paso for a volleyball match in Las Cruces, Chris happened to be on the plane. One of my players sat next to him the entire flight and had a long conversation with him. She didn't realize who he was and humbled him well, but after we landed in El Paso, I heard one of my other players talking about his songs. I asked her what she was talking about and she mentioned that she was talking to Cagle. The funny thing is that Chris and I went to high school together in Baytown and we hung out at times back then. I turned to him on the plane and said "Cagle, it's Schmidt!" We chatted for a while on the plane as we waited to exit. He then invited us to his concert that evening at the fair grounds in Las Cruces and set us up with backstage passes. We attended his performance and had a great time. He even mentioned us during his performance to the crowd and told a funny story about being humbled by my player. Afterwards he and I sat back in his bus for a short time to catch up on our lives. We discussed our faith and how we got to where we are today. We both have similar stories of overcoming so much to get where we are today. He also allowed me to hear some of his upcoming music on his new album due out in the spring...the one thing I can say about it now...IT will be AWESOME! He will not disappoint his fans! He really made us all feel welcome and treated us with not only respect but in some ways as special friends. He is incredible and the Cagleheads out there have a wonderful and incredible person as thier favorite C/W singer! Thanks Chris for your hospitality! Austin girl, you are blessed to have met him, but to have Cagle as one of your favorite performers. I only wish more performers could have his faith and character! Cagleheads fans can feel blessed for the man he is! So, your chance to meet Cagle was not only an incredible time in your life, but you also had a chance to meet an incredible man! I hope you had fun! Oh yes, I lived in Austin for eight years as I coached a local university and I MISS it so enjoy Austin for me!
View profile for Whiskers
Posted on: 11/6/2002 6:36:57 PM
I am going to get to see Chris in St. Charles, MO on Thursday, Nov. 7th. I got to see him in concert in Sedalia, Mo back in August at the Missouri State Fair. I was not a fan club member so I unfortunately didn't get to meet him then! I did however get to sit in the front row long enough to get a few awesome photos and give him a message attached to a silk rose. I was shaking so badly when he bent down to take it! When he left the stage it was leaning on the drums...I saw a stage hand pick it up so I pray he got to read my note. I went home and joined his fan club that same week! I just love his music and he just seems so sweet and cool! Plus he is a total BABE!!!!! I have my membership card and plan to get there early enough to get the meet and greet pass. I have planned this concert since Sept. I am excited, nervous, etc. I know he will be a sweer soul!!!!! You are definitely a lucky girl !

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