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Topic: Chris at Montana West
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View profile for cmspotts
Started on: 10/18/2002 1:49:04 AM
I just got in about an hour ago from the concert in Quakertown Pa. Chris did an awesome job as usual. I had one of my best friends with me and she is a total McGraw fan. After the concert she commented on how real Chris' music was - mostly she gawaked about how great looking he is. I have been a huge fan and following Chris' career since My love goes on was released. The first time I heard Who Needs THe Whiskey I cried terribly - my mother too is a very sick functioning alchoholic but my dad loves her with everything in him. That song gets me in tears everytime - and even tonite at the concert. I totally broke down ... and I was so afraid Chris would see me crying and think I wasnt having a good time! When he did notice I had tears I quickly wiped them away and looked back up - my head lifted up to see him smiling back at me and he just nodded his head. Kinda made me feel good that he didnt think I was some kind of freak for crying. He is so real, his music so very sincere, and he as a person is very down to earth. I have loved him for so long and plan to go to even more concerts (this was my third). The crowd even made Chris cry! We were ALL singing IBI, IBO back to him ... It did sound VERY cool! I am very patiently (but anxiously) awaiting the release of his new CD. I could just BURST waiting for this!!!! The concert was awesome .. the people we terrific .. and Chris did another amazing job. Thank you for the show hun!
View profile for rascal24
Posted on: 10/18/2002 5:52:36 AM
I was also at the show at Montana West. Chris was awesome as usual. He told us he was sick and to bear with him cuz he felt like he was singing with a clothes pin on his nose. You never would have known that he didn't feel good by the performance. He is one performer I will go to see whenever he is in the area no matter how many times I've already seen him. I also can't wait for the new release.
View profile for CagleAddict
Posted on: 10/18/2002 8:34:04 AM
Oh WOW WOW all I can say about last night!! I LOVE THAT MAN..he is SOOO INCREDIBLE!! We go there early...and got to see him hanging out by his bus...he hollered to us..which was so nice!! Then we got in early..found a spot right by the stage!! I was so worried about losing my spot during the M&G...but my friend kept the awesome spot! Then we stood in line from 8 until 9 for the M&G..would of stood there all night too get to meet him again!! He is SO darn sweet!! Then his show....OH MY GOSH!!! INCREDIBLE!! Everytime I see him..he gets better!! This was my 5th cagle concert...and I CAN'T WAIT TILL I SEE HIM AGAIN!! He held my hand and sang to me...a verse of hey bartender!! I thought I was going to pass out!! What an incredible guy!! Did I mention how INCREDIBLE he is...he totally made my night!! Then...after the show, he was bartending!! I was served a cold coors light from the man himself!! Then BEST coors light I EVER HAD!! He autographed the bottle, and a couple other things! So cool! Best night I have ever had!! He is an incredible person...soooo talented...soo sweet!! I hope I get to see him again soon...and can't wait to get this set of pictures done!!
View profile for CagleAddict
Posted on: 10/18/2002 11:54:41 PM
They added some pics to their web site!! I am in one of them!! Yee-haw!!! I will be scanning my pics..and adding them to my website soon!! Check out Chris riding the bull!! VERY NICE!!
View profile for CagleAddict
Posted on: 10/18/2002 11:55:02 PM
Oh yeah..their website is
View profile for BlueEyes
Posted on: 10/20/2002 5:59:16 AM
Too damn cool!!! :D
View profile for caglefanatic
Posted on: 10/20/2002 2:34:41 PM
great review

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