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Topic: Calling all Cagleheads that will be in Vegas Dec. 7th...
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View profile for Oklahomacaglehead
Started on: 10/28/2002 5:28:41 PM
Well, it's official! I'm getting married on the 7th, just hours before the Cagle concert. John and I would love it if all of my Caglekin would join us for our wedding at 2:00pm on the 7th. I have the Chapel picked out and am going to reserve it this week. If you are able to attend, please email me or reply to this post and I will email you with all the details. Can you imagine...getting married then off to see Chris all in the same day? I don't think anything can top that! I'm sending off for a membership for my future husband, and we are planning on having our picture made with Chris on our wedding fun is that? We are both wearing stetson hats and boots....don't even have to change after the wedding... I hope all of you that are in Vegas that weekend can make it...Cagle hugs to all..Jenn
View profile for StacyTx
Posted on: 10/29/2002 7:46:30 PM
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like you will have one awesome day. Wish I could be there.....make sure and send me a picture or two. Hope to see ya in Guthrie (we still don't have definite plans yet). BYE....Stacy
View profile for CAGLE
Posted on: 10/31/2002 1:14:16 AM

As the date gets closer, be sure to post again so that we can all make sure to attend!

Again.... congratulations!

View profile for HeartOfaCntryGrl
Posted on: 10/31/2002 8:39:47 AM
Congrats... Vegas marriage huh? To bad ya cant get married by Chris they way ya can by Elvis in this town *L* If there is anything I can do for you in calling around.. Let me know.. Its local for me! PLAY IT LOUD!!! See ya in Dec... ~Charlene

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