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Topic: my present to all the cagleheads... its official now baby.....
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Started on: 12/24/2002 5:47:15 PM
hey everyone i know most of you prolly wont read this tonight or tomorrow but im posting anyways! most of you know about my lil hunt to get to nasvhille and go to school.... well last night i got my acceptance letter to tennessee state university! ya'll cant believe how happy i am except salsa and nikki bc i tlaked to ya'll on the phone last night! hehe anyways thanks so much to everyone who has sent me the words of encouragement dealt with me on the phone (JASON AND NIKKI) and sent the e-mails they mean so much to me! i guess you could say im on the home stretch just gotta keep my grades up and i will be ok. merry christmas everyone and i hope you have as good as one as what i have! ;)


View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 12/24/2002 5:51:21 PM
WOOHOO!!! My Abbie's going to Nashville!!!!! CRT!!!!!!! You know I'm hitting you up when Cagle's gonna be down there!!!!

I am so proud of you, I know how hard you've been trying to get into a school in Nashville, and you made it!! I'm so happy!!!

Good luck and remember, GO BUCKS!!!


Posted on: 12/24/2002 6:25:13 PM
MEGHAN! of course youc an come and hit me up when cagle is in town!!! same goes with all cagleheads... thanks for puttin up with me these past few week and all my complaining!!


and its go MICHIGAN!

View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 12/24/2002 6:32:48 PM
Oh no abs, you must be mistaken. It's OHIO STATE who is going to the National Championship, not Michigan...
View profile for CAGLE
Posted on: 12/24/2002 6:38:31 PM
Way to go babe!!!

Guess I'll get to help keep an eye on you now.....since I spend so much time in Nashville!

We're ALL very proud of you!!! Hugs from California.

Posted on: 12/24/2002 6:44:47 PM
oh no miss meghan you must be mistaken its ohio state whose gonna lose at the national championship! :D

hey kim thanks for the hugs i really need it now!! remember what i said and what meghan said CRT TO NASHVILLE AND YA'LL ARE STAYIN WITH ME! :D :D :D


View profile for caglefanatic
Posted on: 12/24/2002 10:07:27 PM
View profile for Caglefan4ever
Posted on: 12/24/2002 11:32:39 PM
Way to go Abbie! I know how hard you have worked for this!!! Hope you have a Merry Christmas! Congrats!


View profile for Salsamaker
Posted on: 12/25/2002 12:54:26 AM
Well ABS we KNOW you got one of your Christmas wishes fulfilled, did it snow there yet? LOL

You don't know how proud you have made your "cyber mom", I am VERY happy for you. May all your dreams come true for you and your future looks bright from here!

View profile for caglehead8735
Posted on: 12/25/2002 9:05:22 AM
congrats abby!! thats wondeerful that you got accepted i wish you the best of luck!! :D *brittany*
Posted on: 12/25/2002 11:19:55 AM
of course momma salsa i got snow like about 6 inches worth! :D hehehehe woo-hoo this is one of the best christmases i have ever had! love ya all,


Jason West
View profile for Jason West
Posted on: 12/25/2002 10:24:01 PM
Dear, dear, Abbie. Now just think back to our conversation on Friday night while I was driving down to Nashville. (Thanks for keeping me awake) I'm sure you realize how extremely proud I am of you. But more importantly, you know that your mom and dad are proud of you. Just think of all the doubting Thomases that told you that you were setting your hopes too high. A little faith DOES go a long way. Just think what would have happened if you decided to stay "On The Safe Side." You decided to finally believe in yourself, and now you are on your way! I believe in you! Merry Christmas doll! Jason
Nikki H.
View profile for Nikki H.
Posted on: 12/26/2002 10:24:56 AM
Well said Jason!!!!!

Now Miss Abbie, before you tell ALL these people that they can stay with YOU when they come to Nashville-----don't you think you should check with your Aunt Nikki first to make sure it's okay with ME too?!?!?!?!?!? LOL

Love Ya Sweetpea and ya know I'm very proud of you too!!!!!

Posted on: 12/26/2002 4:00:01 PM
awwww jason nikki gosh now y'all have made me cry!!! :'( hehehe jason i swear you had to be busting with knowing and couldnt tlel me! is that why i got the plunged cat story?!?! ROFL *snorfle snorfle* hehe

Aunt nikki im terrible sorry do you mind if i have the cagleheads over for a pasture party?!?! lol i am so excited i cant believe i really did it! oh yeah mr west and aunt nikki.... let the CELEBRATION BEGIN! someone pick a date ya'll gotta come celebrate remember our deal!! hehe


Lisa R. in Joliet, IL
View profile for Lisa R. in Joliet, IL
Posted on: 12/26/2002 4:07:03 PM
Congrats, Abbie! Good luck at college! That's definitely something to be proud of! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! ~ Lisa R.
View profile for bud8fan
Posted on: 12/26/2002 4:14:01 PM
Congratulations Abbie!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful the way...could you send some snow up here, pretty please??? I am so tired of the rain, I'm gonna have to start constructing an ark, LOL!! Anywho, congratulations and I want an invitation to that party :0) **Stacy**
PA Caglehead
View profile for PA Caglehead
Posted on: 12/26/2002 5:54:20 PM
Abbie, You go, girl!! Congratulations on getting in to Tennessee State. I'm very happy for you and the next time Mr. Cagle hits town we'll have a CRT and I'll stay with you. Diane
Posted on: 12/26/2002 7:30:27 PM
hey stacy im sending the snow your way right now! :D :D :D hey diane come down hope ya dont minds sleepin on the floor we are already getting booked! ROFL


PA Caglehead
View profile for PA Caglehead
Posted on: 12/27/2002 6:55:14 PM
Abbie, Girl, I don't mind sleeping on the floor at all. E-mail me because I have something to ask you and I'd love to talk to you more. My e-mail addy is [email protected] Thanks, Diane
Posted on: 12/28/2002 12:56:29 PM
hey diane i just e-mailed you!


View profile for Bunzai
Posted on: 12/29/2002 12:47:35 AM
WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! Abbie made it into the big time!!! WOO HOOOOOOOOOO! I'm SO dang proud of ya girl! YEEHAW! The Cagle support team does it again! va va va voom!!! tra la la boom de yay {splat} oops I tripped!
Posted on: 12/29/2002 10:56:31 AM
bunz you didnt trip that was the leezards foot that was in front of you! i told that boy no and he didnt listen!!! the leezard is going to its going now only if i could find it! *here leezard leezard*


Posted on: 12/29/2002 3:22:27 PM
BUNZ!!!! no reason not to see chris now!! i will personally fly you down to nashville next time we have a cagle invasion and you will get to see the man himself i promise! no more talkin on phones or huntin him down on cagleisland!! you will be front row and center with the rest of us!! now all i gotta do is get cagle back to nashville and get moved down there and we'll be all set! *snicker*


p.s. i got the leezard no need to worry about him!

View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 12/29/2002 9:22:16 PM
Darn right you got that Leezard!! You better keep him caged until July 5th, when he can once again run rampant in the streets of southern Ohio...WOO HOO CHRIS ISA COMING TO TOWN....CHRIS ISA COMING TO TOWN WOOHOO!!!!!!!

I've gots to make it to a concert before that....WHEN'S THE NEXT INVASION? (Beside's NYE)



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