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Topic: Infomericals on CMT instead regular programs?
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View profile for Donna
Started on: 12/28/2002 8:11:18 AM
Has anybody notice infomericals being aired on CMT in the mornings instead of regular CMT programs? It makes me wonder if it's just the cable company in Baytown or is it happening across the country.

Noisemakes 2002 is supposed be re-airing right now but there is an infomerical instead.

View profile for AuntZa
Posted on: 12/28/2002 10:52:48 AM
It happened in KS to. I woke up expecting to watch noisemakers and got an infomercial:(
View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 12/28/2002 11:09:50 AM
I know CMT plays infomercials overnight, but they usually go away around 6 or 7 in the morning. Maybe they just changed it because it's a weekend day.


Posted on: 12/28/2002 4:21:33 PM
They are playing them here in Pennsylvania too:( I wish they would show video's!

There is such a wonderful archive of country music video's they never play and it sure would be great to see them instead of the nonesense of some of the informercials! just my 2 cents..LOL..

View profile for Donna
Posted on: 12/28/2002 5:41:04 PM
Maybe we should e-mail CMT and ask why infomericals are airing during the time they normally have regular program. I sent an e-mail the day after Christmas when I first noticed.
View profile for caglehead8735
Posted on: 12/28/2002 6:37:12 PM
yea i noticed it too!! so its also happening in pennsylvania... its not just you... i woke up yesterday and turned on the tv expecting music videos and got infomercials they normally play them from like 3 or so to about 6 in the morn but then they go away!
View profile for Tammy(NY)
Posted on: 12/28/2002 8:06:26 PM
It's happening here in NY too!!
View profile for Donna
Posted on: 12/29/2002 9:33:32 AM
I just check the CMT web site. It appears that CMT is now starting their programming at 9 am central instead of 5 am. They are airing extra infomercials on purpose.
View profile for bud8fan
Posted on: 12/30/2002 12:15:58 AM
The informercials start here in WA at Midnight. Not sure what time they start the videos up again, since I'm not awake until 8 or so...

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