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Topic: Best of 2002
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Started on: 12/29/2002 6:48:40 PM
Myself, along with other country music fans, people at record labels, and even a few artists (over 50 people in all) got together on the internet or telephone, and put together the lists of the best of 2002!

There's the Top 10 Artists, Top 50 Albums, Top 100 Songs, Top 10 Events, the Biggest Dissapointment, and somethin' else....

I'm hopin' to get a little input before the page goes up on New Years Day.

Could y'all check it out at


View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 12/29/2002 7:48:56 PM
Looks pretty good, but couldn't help but notice that Darrel Worley tops just about every list....Y'all must be big Worley fans in Canada!!!
Posted on: 12/29/2002 8:13:36 PM
LOL, I know what you mean! I love Darryl, but I was pushing for Julian or Doc Walker to top the lists. The others wanted Darryl though, his album 'I Miss My Friend' had a huge impact lately! lol.
View profile for Courtney
Posted on: 12/30/2002 3:36:20 PM
View profile for Chris_Cagle_galfan
Posted on: 12/30/2002 5:55:17 PM
You did a great job Tanya! Looks GREAT!
Posted on: 12/30/2002 9:34:48 PM
um, sorry 2 break ur heart and be a jerk and all, but ur list sucks...bad. K ya, daryl worley is good...matter of fact "i miss my friend" was a great song...but he does not deserve to be on top of all those lists. You had too many songs higher than they should be and too many lower then they should be. And for the love of everything holy, you didnt include a single song of Pat Green, and only 1 by Cagle himself. k, Pat Green is amazing - maybe the best artist of today, and if you left him out then you suck - and Cagle is incredible (as we all know). So revise ur list - please - and do us all here in Texas a favor and dont try to act like an authority on country music, because obviously you have no clue what country music is.
View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 12/30/2002 9:43:11 PM
Little harsh on her, don't you think?? Maybe she and everyone else don't think Pat Green is all that....You're too young to understand that people have different opinions and that you need to respect them for that.

If you can't do that on this board, please don't post anymore. An opinion like yours should be emailed, not posted in a public forum.

Tanya, I think the list could use a little work, but you guys did a great job including little and less known artists, and keeping the powerhouses at bay!!

Posted on: 12/30/2002 9:51:01 PM
alright, i am sorry, i was outa line. i apologize for what i said. ok, here's the thing though...I am all about little-known artists. Their songs are usually more meaningful and original, which is great. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that they are better. But, I guess I am a little young (and ignorant) to make comments like that and to realize that not all people know who I know or like who I like, and vice-versa...sorry again...good luck with the list.
Posted on: 12/30/2002 10:25:08 PM
If you read at the top, it says the list was put together by quite a few people. And the reason I posted it here was to get some input on it, to do revising before I put it on my website!

And it hit me last night that we did completly forget Pat Green, and he will be included.

As for Darryl, his song I Miss My Friend touched almost everybody who helped me put the list together, and it was almost unanomous (spelling?) to have him right at the top (I was one of the few who felt Julian Austin or Doc Walker should be.)

As for Chris and only one song, if you had seen last years list (which, obviously, you had not) almost all seven of the songs from Play It Loud was included since not just singles are included on the list.

Also, I am a huge supporter of little-known artists, (you should check out the actual site) and felt they were pretty well represented on the list. You have to remember a good 70% of the people making the list are from Canada, and can't hear everyone you can. If you can think of someone we missed who really needs to be included, please, let me know!


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