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Topic: Advice Needed
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Ryan McGraw (Lil`Tim)
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Started on: 8/29/01 8:55:17 PM
My mother is starting to have another one of her hissy fits and it really does make you mixed between scared and mad at her. What should I do when this happens cause I can't take it.
Ryan McGraw (Lil`Tim)
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Posted on: 8/29/01 9:02:53 PM
Sorry, I was cut offline. She starts throwing things around like the tops of tupperware and stuff. Shes kinda settled down right now.
Posted on: 8/29/01 9:06:13 PM
I sent you an e-mail Ryan.
View profile for momsaysispecial
Posted on: 8/29/01 11:57:01 PM
how old are you? there is really nothing you can do to stop someone like that. i moved out of an abusive household when i was 12. it has been hard, but it is better now, i have minimal contact with them now and i dont have to worry about any of their habits rubbing off on me. what i am basically trying to say is if she is abusive, get out. family friends whoever, you shouldnt have to put up with anyone like that.
Ryan McGraw (Lil`Tim)
View profile for Ryan McGraw (Lil`Tim)
Posted on: 8/30/01 1:37:40 AM
Salsamaker I got your email. Oh no shes not abusive. She has little to huge hissy fits soemtimes. At times I think she builds it up to release it all at once often. With all of us takign care of my granny and all. Its just hard to type or explain a lot of things on here.
Posted on: 8/30/01 6:13:07 AM
Well, judging by some of your past posts, I would say that your Mom sounds like a pretty good Mom....and you say that you all take care of your Grandma....that can add alot of stress. I dont know your Mom's age, but that could also be a factor.....I dont have to tell you that at midlife, we women are sometimes a bundle of hormones in turmoil. Soooo, as long as she isnt abusive, but she is just venting, be there to help her with things around the house, ie....give her a night off to pamper herself or do whatever she wants, let her cry on your shoulder if she needs to, (us Mom's are people too), and if all that doesnt work and she is still throwing things.......DUCK!!!
Posted on: 8/30/01 7:41:35 AM
I've missed you on the board Ryan! Anyway, I totally agree with Betsy. Also, I don't know if you're religious or not, but have you tried praying about it? There's lots of power in prayer - just look at what happens when Cagleheads rally together and pray! You and your family will be in mine, and I hope everything gets better soon. And since you're 18...have you thought about moving out maybe?
Posted on: 8/30/01 7:43:10 AM
AMEN Betsy to all of it. Ever notice how all women's problems start with "MEN"? MENopause...just tryin to bring humor here. Ryan, hope what we talked about last night helped you out. Betsy just agreed with me, so there is a 2nd on that motion. Give Mom a few extra hugs and a couple of hours to do something she used to enjoy but doesn't have the time to do anymore. Help her find herself again. KS Love to all, Salsa
Ryan McGraw (Lil`Tim)
View profile for Ryan McGraw (Lil`Tim)
Posted on: 8/31/01 4:58:57 PM
Thanks everyone. Sorry I haven't been around like I used to before. Mama is ok now. She did need to vent some. My first 2 sisters do the same sometimes but I guess it comes out after its been left inside so long. But I figure the best thing is just to not say anything to her until the next morning or at least a few hours later. Thanks again.

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