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Topic: What happened.....
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Kathy L.
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Started on: 8/30/01 7:44:06 PM
I thought that everyone was going to be voting for "My love goes on and on" come it hasn't bee on? I have been voting with all of my names these past few days. Where's all the Cagleheads? C'mon everybody!
Posted on: 8/30/01 8:08:46 PM
I vote for that video and ONLY that video every morning. That way no other video gets my votes to help it. I don't know what's going on. Somebody (Abbie?) said that they wouldn't play it because it was too "old" to play on the Most WANTED Live. I think that's a crock.
Kathy L.
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Posted on: 8/30/01 8:12:14 PM
I dont think it should matter whether it is old or's MOST WANTED, right? and we WANT THAT THE MOST, so it shouldn't matter.
View profile for paintedcowgirl
Posted on: 8/31/01 8:03:05 PM
hey guys, I don't understand it either! I was in the dark for the first couple of days. I was for sure that it would be up in there around 6 or 7, ya know! Man they don't know what they are missing. Anyway we will show them when the next video comes out, RIGHT!!!!!! Cagle~on Lynn

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