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Topic: Clickin Country Newsletter
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Started on: 8/31/01 8:25:08 AM
Woo Hoo I just checked my e-mail and in my mailbox was my clickin country newsletter. TOP SPOT: Help Chris Cagle and Toys For Tots. AWESOME!!!! Then they went on to write..."Country hunk Chris Cagle is on a campaign for the charity Toys For Tots. Check out our SPECIAL GUEST ARTICLE and find out how you can help. That is the most awesome thing I could have read today (other than the MB)!!! Me, a special guest! OK I'm just TOO EXCITED!!! UTAH!!! You got me again with the energy spike! But I forgive you, I actually need it today! I just thought I would share this. See what happens when we have Chris involved in something...the whole world takes notice! Thank you Chris! Is it CLOSE to Dec. yet? I can't wait!
View profile for crystal_caglefan
Posted on: 8/31/01 9:01:50 AM
Anyway you could forward me a copy of that wonderful article? I would greatly appreciate it!
Posted on: 8/31/01 9:10:34 AM
If anyone wants to read it they can go to and they have a small pic of Chris at the top. Click on the Toys For Tots and you can read the article. Or Nikki (my Fab Friend) has it on her site, along with a ton of other stuff from Chris' fans (and her's). highlight the links and do the copy/ paste thing in the addy bar. Sorry Crystal, I hope you don't think of me as rude...I'm so busy packin and gettin ready to go. Just thought this would be the best way to get the word out. Have a great weekend everyone! Cagle on And remember....PLAY IT LOUD!
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Posted on: 8/31/01 10:55:00 AM
No need for apologies!! I didn't think of you as rude at all! I understand - we are all busy! Thanks for the hook-up though! Have a safe & wonderful Labor Day weekend
View profile for Utahgirl
Posted on: 8/31/01 12:38:19 PM
Hey Salsa, I just finished reading the whole article...I'm impressed!!! This is just fantastic, it makes me even prouder to be a Caglehead!!! WHAT A GREAT GROUP!! **Lisa**
Posted on: 8/31/01 12:51:25 PM
Thank you for your kind words UTAH. THank goodness you didn't spike my coffee back then with your energy I don't know what would've happened then if you had.LOL My goal is to get others involved in their areas of the country (DJs and citizens alike), to get Chris some awesome exposure and show other singers how much we appreciate what Chris is doing for society (and maybe get them involved in something like this), and to get as many CAGLEHEADS down here for this awesome event that will be taking place. Can you imagine the Cagleheads on national network TV like 48 hours or one of the morning shows? Talk about exposure! They will have to rename the USA to CAGLEVILLE!LOL

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