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Topic: Molly - We did not receive the memberships
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Started on: 4/20/2002 9:25:20 AM
Molly - Here's a copy of the e-mail we just sent you, in case you read the message board before you check your e-mail. HELP!!! Bad news - neither of the packets arrived today which means we will not have our membership cards in time for the meet & greet in Albany, NY tomorrow night (Sunday, April 21). Even though we don't have our cards, is there any way you could notify the person in charge of the meet & greet and get us in? We'd also need to know the rules of the meet & greet. We are terribly disappointed because we were really looking forward to the meet & greet (it was Jerry's birthday present!). We hate to be difficult, but if we can't get into the meet & greet, we'd like to cancel the two fan club memberships because the primary reason we purchased them was to get in on the meet & greet. And unfortunately Chris doesn't tour in our area often enough that we'd ever have the chance to use the passes in the future. So sorry to give you this news. You've been very helpful, but unfortunately they just did not make it here in time, despite your efforts at resending via express service. If there is anything you can do, we'd be MOST appreciative. Thank you. Jerry Gaudette & Grant Smith

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