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Topic: Puyallup WA Roll Call :0)
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View profile for bud8fan
Started on: 9/10/2002 11:36:15 AM
Chris is on his way back to the great state of Washington and I was just wondering who all is planning on seeing him at the Puyallup Fair?? I'll be there with 2 friends.... front row baby!!!!! Hope to meet some other NW Cagleheads!!! See ya there :0) *Stacy*
View profile for BlueEyes
Posted on: 9/10/2002 11:41:01 AM
I'll be there with 9! :)
View profile for bud8fan
Posted on: 9/12/2002 2:00:39 PM
What time are you going to get to the fairgrounds Arlene?? Just curious because I am going up Saturday night and staying with my best friend in Olympia. I think we're going to shop a bit and have lunch before we head up to Puyallup, but thought we could all meet up before the meet and greet. Let me know K!! :0) Cagle Countdown: 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
View profile for BlueEyes
Posted on: 9/12/2002 10:17:29 PM
3 days and counting!! :D

I'm going to be there in the morning to do the rides, fair food, etc. But, will have my cell phone and be counting the hours, minutes...WOOHOO!! :D
Posted on: 9/13/2002 1:11:55 PM
I just joined the message board and wanted to let you at the Puyallup as well. I was able to get 2nd row seats! This is my first Chris Cagle concert, and from what I've heard the shows are fantastic. I can't wait to meet him either! So, where are everybody else's seats located? See you all in two days!
View profile for CountryByTheGraceOfGod16
Posted on: 9/13/2002 6:07:51 PM
I'll be there!!!!!!!!!! Third row!!!!!
View profile for Bunzai
Posted on: 9/13/2002 6:55:28 PM
Mini-me will be there with all of you! WOO HOO HOO!!!!! Oh ya baby! Let's GO! lol I'm ready to go Caglin'... YEEHAW! Them front row seats sound mighty fine Stacy! WOO HOO!
View profile for huntinchick
Posted on: 9/14/2002 12:28:17 AM
Chris cagle is awesome in concert, going to my second show, Puyallup, first one was at the Gorge, so awesome... 4th row
View profile for bud8fan
Posted on: 9/14/2002 12:51:39 PM
YYIIPPEEEEE!!!!!! Tomorrow is the big day :0) I hope to see some of you Cagleheads at the meet and greet!! I'll have my cell phone with me, so if anyone wants to exhange #'s to meet up, just email me!! :0) WWWOOOOHHOOOO!!! *Stacy*
View profile for bud8fan
Posted on: 9/14/2002 12:54:32 PM
Oh yeah, Bunz, make sure mini~me isn't wearing those spikey heels, it's gonna be warm so I'll have on a tank top. She can't be pokin my shoulders with her shoes. And if she gets too wild I may just have to toss her onstage with Chris and the guys to let loose, ROFL!!! I will talk to ya tomorrow and crossin my fingers, so will CHRIS!!!! *Stacy*

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