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Topic: help
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View profile for SMOOCH4CHRIS
Started on: 9/12/2002 12:28:19 PM
i think i have quick time on my computer. & like i said i have volume & hear everything else on the cd just not the behind the scenes part. keep the ideas for help comming & thanks.
Kimberly H. (Kimmy)
View profile for Kimberly H. (Kimmy)
Posted on: 9/12/2002 12:44:26 PM
Do you have quick time installed...if not, that may be the reason why you are not seeing the behind the scenes stuff. There on the CD is the software to install it...just go to my computer, go to the cd drive, click on the quick time folder, and then click on the install icon.

I hope that helps.


View profile for SMOOCH4CHRIS
Posted on: 9/12/2002 1:00:19 PM
hold on you lost me. my cagle cd doesnt say anything about install. & under programs in my computer it says quick time, quick time for windows, for movie.etc. so i assume i have quick time. ( im not that great with computers as you can tell ). so your directions lost me.
View profile for SMOOCH4CHRIS
Posted on: 9/12/2002 1:07:41 PM
if i can hear everything else doesnt that mean the quick time thing is working? it says if i try to re-install it will erase a whole bunch of stuff.

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