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Topic: Concert stories
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Started on: 1/9/2003 3:58:11 PM
I was wondering if any of you might share what was your favorite Cagle concert and why. This should be good reading (especially for those of us who don't get to many shows).
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Posted on: 1/9/2003 4:38:39 PM
sometimes pictures can tell many stories. has many stories. Check them out. Billy Bobs TX pictures are up. Hope you like. Richard
April "Baltimore"
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Posted on: 1/10/2003 11:52:45 AM
I think some of the girls (and guys) may agree with me on this one....sometimes the best stories come before and after the shows! I hope there are no pictures of any of that! LOL!!

As for a concert memory... I think my favorite one is of the very first Cagle show I went to. It wasn't that Chris did anything spectacular, but it was in December of 2000 just after he offically started touring so he was very new and it was my first time hearing all his songs. It is and will probably always be my favorite concert and it's what started the 'addiction' after all! :)

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Posted on: 1/10/2003 1:13:46 PM
I went to see Chris for the 2nd time last summer @ the Tioga County fair in PA. I didnt get reserved seating because the people we were going with weren't Cagleheads and didnt want to spend the extra $5, so we sat in 1st row of the grand stand (which was awful) After having GREAT seats at my 1st Cagle show, I was REALLY bummed out! But the music started and Chris was rockin the house! I had my camera and wanted a great shot of Chris, so I asked the usher (who seemed to be guarding the resrved seating section with her life) if I could go down front real quick to take a few pics... I got right up in front of Chris and took a few shots. When I put the camera down I was mezmerized...between staring at Chris while he was singing, Alex tearing up the violin and I could feel the drums pounding I just sat there and soaked it all up before I remembered that I had left my boyfreind and our friends WAY up there in the grandstands! So, I made my way back to them. After Chris was done with the song, he says "Hey ya'll come on down" I jumped up and ran down the stairs...forget about the usher...Chris said we didnt have to sit all the way up here! It was like he knew it was killing me being so far away! THANKS CHRIS!
View profile for caglehead8735
Posted on: 1/10/2003 7:07:35 PM
The one and only show of chris's i have been able to attend was this past summer (in the middle of august) in Rouzerville, PA (a short distance away from my hometown) the local radio station always host a little thing called fan fair (or something like that... its like a festival thing everyone brings lawn chairs and chills while listening to some great country music) every year they host several of the hottest bands/ singers of the year. this particular year it was marcel, pinmokey, brad martin, joe nichols, tammy cochran, and headlining of course chris cagle! when i found out when the festival was i was really bummed because that was the day we were coming home from vacation (in virginia beach it takes aboout 6 or 7 hrs to get to virginia beach from my town) and my family normally likes to spend our last day all day at the beach, but not this day. i luckily convinced and begged my parents enough that they decided we'd all leave early i woke up really really early that day and packed our van so my dad couldnt say we werent ready. then i made my dad drive as fast as he could the whole way home so i could go to the concert. i luckily got to see all the performers but marcel and pinmonkey (but hey i didnt care i got to see chris perform!!) i actually had pretty good seats too because my friends uncle decided he'd spend the night at the concert grounds sleeping in his lawn chair so he would have a good seat. so i just sat with then. i took a ton of pictures! then chris decided he would run out into the crowd the fans went wild especially me!! he ran up right near where i was sitting so i ran up to him and gave him a quick hug. the concert was awesome!! chris rocked the place!! he kept telling us to get up but no one did hardly except for me! he kept saying how he knew it was really hot but he still wanted us to get on up and enjoy the show, and you better believe i did!! i had a great time! after each performers concert they let all the people who want pictures or autographs to stand in a line (not only fan club members) i made my sister stand in line for me during chris's whole concert (so she missed the whole thing) to save a spot for me she ended up like 6th in line or something. when the concert was over i ran up to the front of the line only to find out i couldnt get a picture of me and chris together because the line was TOO LONG! i luckily had something chris could sign but my sister was empty handed and she wasnt about to go home with nothing after all the trouble we went through! so she looked on the ground and found a stick and decided she'd ask chris to sign that. chris giggled, smiled, and signed the stick she still has that stick sitting on her desk with chris cagles signature on it! this concert was the best day of my entire life!! i have been a huge caglehead ever since (of course i was a caglehead long before the concert but im a much bigger one now!) the concert was awesome!! i hope i can see him sometime soon!! i love chris!! PLAY IT LOUD!! :D


View profile for caglehead8735
Posted on: 1/10/2003 7:08:44 PM
whoa sorry about that i had no clue it was that long... my bad!!
View profile for cagle1fan
Posted on: 1/10/2003 7:31:24 PM
Far too many to pick a favorite, all of them are my favorites especially the ones that my caglesisters are with me. Those are the really special moments. Jen#1
View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 1/10/2003 8:15:32 PM
Lets see, Hillsboro or Neon Circus?? Yeah....clear choice there!! Although Chris did give me two tix for B+D which I didn't get 'til the meet and greet, but I didn't care!!

Hillsboro was awesome from start to finish. Mr. Jason West and his "faithful steed Laredo" came and picked me up (he got lost and my phone didn't want to work, I got a little nervous!!) and we drove down to Hillsboro from Columbus, around 1.5 to 2 hours. We checked into the hotel and immediately drove downtown. We set up our chairs and he reconstructed Cagle Island, at which point Abbie, Kathy, the Cincy people, and a ton of other awesome Cagleheads found us!! (Sorry for everyone who's name I forgot, but yeah, it was a lot of 'em!!)

I got to meet the Peg and her adorable daughter Taylor, and had my first ever m+g!! It was awesome!!

Oh yeah, the show!!! Chris put on one heck of a performance!! The streets were packed, and after the initial rude people asking us to sit down, Chris got everyone up on their feet!! After his amazing performance, the man someohow had the energy to sign quite a few autographs. Hundreds. Maybe even a few thousand, but a ton of people were waiting!! We played with the supersoakers for awhile then hopped in at the end of the line and did some Caglehead bonding!!

That flat out was the best concert of any type that I've ever been to. It wasn't just the music, but everyone meeting and getting to know each other, and just hanging out!!

Miss y'all!!! JULY 5TH 2003!!


View profile for StacyTx
Posted on: 1/10/2003 11:08:54 PM are so right about the before and after the show stories!!!!! I actually have some pictures of some of my memories.....LOL!!!!! I have had such a great time at each show that I have been to and they are all memorable in their own way. One thing that stands out is the M & G from when we made a CRT to Louisiana. It was my second time to meet Chris and I was really nervous....after getting my picture and autographs, out of nowhere, I asked him for a hug. That was the best hug ever......I threw my arms around him and I wouldn't let go....LOL!!!!! The venue was very small and there was not alot of people there. It was almost like he was playing just for me....hee hee!!! I remember, during the show, the girl next to me said, "Do you know every word to every song?" I, of course, said YES!!!!!! It was really neat because Chris thanked us, during the show, for making the trip from Dallas. I am really looking forward to seeing Chris in 2003 and having lots more concert stories.
View profile for CAGLE
Posted on: 1/11/2003 12:37:18 AM
Sooooooo many memories, so I'll try not to drag this on for tooooooooo long! :)

My first Cagle show was at the Crazy Horse in Irvine, California -- February 6th, 2001. It was Chris' first California stop. I fell in love with him and his music (I had owned the CD for 2 months to the day). The M & G didn't happen (my daughter and I were the only 2 so Steve didn't do it.. ugh!), but Chris did come out afterwards and sign. I was last (like you guys know I always am!), and Chris was a total sweetheart! I was a gone'r from that point.

Then April 28th, 2001 was my 2nd Cagle show in Henderson (Las Vegas), Nevada. It was when I met all my wonderful 'sisters' -- Utahgirl, Rolisa, Sonnett, Cyndi Lu, Dawn -- and we had the BEST time. I also told Chris at that show about ordering my personalized license plates for my car (CAGLE'N). He was so excited!!

I think my next favorite was October 13th, 2001 when I took my license plates to Maryville, Tenessee. When Chris saw me holding it up, he RAN over, took it from me with the BIGGEST smile on his face and ran around the stage with it for the whole song! It was incredible.

Well, those are just the tip of the iceburg but WOW..... what a ride it's been and I know that even though I've been to so many shows that I've lost count, that the wonderful memories will continue to mound in my head and more importantly -- in my heart. Like the time Chris and the band were on the same plane with me and Chris started screaming my name and ran up to sit next to me............... :)

View profile for rich_19
Posted on: 1/11/2003 3:58:10 AM
What happend to your Cagle brothers Jen#1????
View profile for cagle1fan
Posted on: 1/11/2003 7:25:38 AM
Sorry Richard, of course I love my caglebrothers as much as my caglesisters! Love ya bro! Jen#1
View profile for caglehead
Posted on: 1/11/2003 9:33:43 AM
Those are all GREAT stories and hopefully we get to hear more! Kim...Thats so AWESOME about Chris on the plane...I never heard that story before! VERY COOL!
View profile for loricalic
Posted on: 1/12/2003 7:53:46 AM
The B & D show, last June in West Palm Beach was my favorite. I had seen Chris for the first time on New Years Eve, then in March. We planned to see the show in West Palm on Fri, then again in Tampa on Sun. I figured to try and do Orlando on Sat. would be too much (kids & hubby). Mel and I (she did most of the work) made this huge cloth banner. Many hours went into it. It had Dale Earnhardt, the American flag, beads, sequins etc. So.... for the M & G, we showed Chris. He was clearly moved, and had a guy go get us free pink tank tops. So the show begins...and we are sitting about 10 rows back, off to the side at the Mars Music Amphitheatre. Chris starts to play CBTGOG, so Mel and I figure this is a good time to hold up the banner. Chris sees it, and motions with his finger for us to come up on stage! We must have looked like deer in headlights. So up on stage we go, rocking to the music while holding up the banner ( and blocking off two of the guys LOL). I was soooo nervous, as I'm fairly shy and being in front of all those people. When we got back to our seats we were giggling like kids. That was the best once in a lifetime happening for us, and I bring that memory up all the time. When we went to the arena in Tampa, they wouldn't let us hold it up (sniff sniff). Oh well, we had to try! Oh, one more thing... while on stage, Mels sisters camera broke, so we had no pics of this (more sniffling). I happened to strike up a conversation with this guy who works at macdonald,cuz I see him at all of the country events, and he told me he had a pic of us! And was nice enough to give it to me. So if anyone would like to see a pic, i'll email it to you. I don't know how to make it available here. Heck, i just got a cell phone, i know, finally, and can barely figure that out! Part of why we all love the Man is at one time or another, he has made us all feel special somehow...either by a look, a smile, or more. That was what got me hooked, the way he appreciates us all. Plus, i love the music.Well, sorry if this was lengthy. Lori (Ft. Lauderdale)
View profile for caglehead8735
Posted on: 1/12/2003 12:14:33 PM
hey lori i would love to see your pic!! if you can figure it out send it to me my email is [email protected] cant wait to see it!! :D


View profile for rich_19
Posted on: 1/12/2003 7:35:11 PM
View profile for suezq8
Posted on: 1/13/2003 8:38:44 PM
I've only been to one Cagle show, but it was the best concert I have been to in a long time! I saw Chris in Battle Creek in November(Front row) I had a great time, even though I went by myself. I even got Chris' autograph on my Dale Earnhart Jr jacket. So now I need a new jacket because I don't want to ruin the autograph LOL

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