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Topic: How do I put some pics of chris I have on this site??
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View profile for ShellyGurl
Started on: 1/11/2003 7:54:09 PM
If anyone can help me, I'd like to know how to put some pics I have of chris on this site. I would appreciate it very much!! Michelle
View profile for cagle1fan
Posted on: 1/11/2003 8:58:44 PM
I'm not sure how the gallery works now. There hasn't been any new pics since the fanclub switch. I do know that the website will be getting a makeover soon though. If you want your pic with Chris on a site you can email it to [email protected]. I hope that is right address. Richard will correct me if it is wrong. Good luck! Jen#1
View profile for ShellyGurl
Posted on: 1/11/2003 9:24:10 PM
Thank you!! I've e-mailed them to the site you gave me a while back and richard told what I need to know about them. I thought maybe I could get them on this site so everyone could see them, but OK. I don't have my pic made with Chris, but I am standing right in front of him!! I think yall will like them!! Thank you, Michelle

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