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Topic: Anyone heard what the name of the new Album will be?
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View profile for ChrisCagleROCKS
Started on: 1/13/2003 5:57:37 AM
View profile for Tiff8CountryGirl
Posted on: 1/13/2003 6:52:38 AM
Chris Cagle
View profile for Mauve
Posted on: 1/13/2003 10:48:21 AM
I've heard that it will be self titled 'Chris Cagle'.
View profile for Countryflowerdee
Posted on: 1/13/2003 4:58:22 PM
Chris told me it will be called "Louder" and will be out it March of this year, the last time I asked him in August at his Meet and Greet.
View profile for Tiff8CountryGirl
Posted on: 1/13/2003 6:48:39 PM
It was going to be named "Louder" but they decided to save that for a project down the line... so it will be Chris Cagle
View profile for caglehead8735
Posted on: 1/13/2003 7:10:23 PM
it comes out the 11th of march i cant wait!!! my birthday is the 5th so its gonna a be a late but really great gift!! :D
View profile for Salsamaker
Posted on: 1/14/2003 8:51:17 AM
His sophomore CD (this CD) will be titled Chris Cagle.

He is saving Louder for a project later on that may be used for a CD entitled "Live and Louder", which means he may be doing some recording at concerts in the future! How cool is that?!

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