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Topic: CMT's problem
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View profile for Meghan
Started on: 1/13/2003 1:06:56 PM
So I came home from class today and turned on CMT to see if WABD is going to be on today. Lets see, I saw Kenny, Shania, and a commercial featuring Shania, Kenny, Faith, the Chicks, Tim, Toby....and it said BIG STARS BIG HITS, 2003!

Good Luck Chris and all other "non-star" artists. LETS KEEP VOTING!!!

That video definitely showed me who CMT wants to promote again this year.

Leigh Ann
View profile for Leigh Ann
Posted on: 1/13/2003 1:24:11 PM
Don't lose faith! The video was just going to CMT early this week (Monday or Tuesday) so maybe later in the week it will debut. Let's keep voting, and more importantly, let's keep those radio requests (3 a day) going!
View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 1/13/2003 1:37:03 PM
Oh, it's not about it not being on today, I was just pretty disappointed when I saw that commercial!!! (Not to mention the fact right after I posted, Toby came on, go figure!!)

But, I'm doing my 3 a days for the video!! Hopefully when it comes out, it'll debut #1 on MWL!!!

View profile for hak5
Posted on: 1/13/2003 3:01:31 PM
if you look real quick [blink and you'll miss it!] there IS a shot of our CAGLE in that CMT promo!!
View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 1/13/2003 3:45:50 PM
You're kidding me!! I watched the whole thing looking for him, and I didn't see him!!! I must have been blinking!!! (or maybe there's just two different promo's!!)

Thanks for letting us know!!

View profile for BethsQuads
Posted on: 1/13/2003 3:52:27 PM
Hi Meghan! It must be all that crimson and grey you've been seeing lately. The quads actually saw the same commercial and started screaming "Chris"! He is there for a nanosecond. Stay warm, see ya soon! Quad Hugs! Beth, Ethan, Brianna, Melody and Dillon- and the Caglehead soon to be!
View profile for Meghan
Posted on: 1/13/2003 4:04:46 PM
Maybe it's the fact that I finally made an appointment to go see that eye doctor on Friday!!! Okay, I give up!! I concede!! I'll wear glasses if I have to!! I can't see the television anymore and this confirms it!!!

But, scarlet and gray is a great excuse!!! Go Bucks!!


Posted on: 1/13/2003 4:25:24 PM
hahaha i agree meghan scarlet and grey is a good excuse not to see!!! ;) although mine would have to be staring at a computer screen finishin my awful research paper! ya know i dont mind doin them bc i love doing that kinda stuff but the way my teacher has me doing this is horrible!! ;)


if chris is a big star with big hits then why dont they play his other videos now?!?! cmts way of coverin up their little scheme of only playin the famous ones! i agree but hey as long as we got to see cagle in a lil microsecond im happy!! lets go cagleheads and kick the 3 a day out of the picture and go 5 a day! :D :D :D

View profile for caglelynn
Posted on: 1/13/2003 5:00:51 PM
Hi, Meghan, Your not seeing or should I say not seeing things. CMT has two commerials for the Big Stars of 2003. Don't fret Cagle is there and I'm sure the new video will air soon. Lynn
View profile for ShellyGurl
Posted on: 1/13/2003 5:38:47 PM
Hey!! I just got done reading all of these replies and yall are so funny, but right. Chris is only there about a nanosecond. HE'S ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SCREEN!! I think they should be playing his videos a whole heck of a lot more than they do b/c he is a BIG STAR to a LOT of people!!
View profile for cowboy
Posted on: 1/13/2003 7:41:35 PM
I saw Chris Cagle for a second also I recorded TV all day and I was real dispointed Saw the Dixie Chicks 4 times and Faith and Tim McGraw No What a Beauitful Day I am upset Cagle Heads but I will keep Voting hopefully it helps. Cagle On Your CagleHead friend Cowboy (Lowell)

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