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Topic: Labor Day plans ????
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View profile for Utahgirl
Started on: 8/30/01 5:22:19 PM
I know many of us will be traveling for the holiday so I just wanted to wish everyone a safe & enjoyable long weekend!

For a change I'm not heading to the lake or camping since my boys are sick, but to be honest, I could use the rest. What are you guys doing??? **Lisa**

View profile for Dreamseeker41081
Posted on: 8/30/01 5:25:24 PM
I am having a BBQ with some friends from work. Hey do you know how to change your screen name once you have already registered another one?
View profile for Abbie
Posted on: 8/30/01 5:35:36 PM
Well, I'm gonna read my 65 pages for American Lit. class, and then my 30 for History Pre-1500 course, my 2 chapters and 3 handouts for Biology, plus write a paper for that one. Oh, and then there's my Power Point presentation that I need to start for my Computer Fundamentals class... and once all that's done, I'll decide on whether I want to sleep or start scanning the stack of Cagle/Caglehead pics that are on my desk that's almost 4 inches high... when you're in college, you have no life.
View profile for Donna
Posted on: 8/30/01 6:07:08 PM

I know what you mean. I am also back in college. My classes started this week. This semester is a little rougher. Two of the parking lots are off limits because of construction. I will have to leave for the campus almost an hour earlier to find a place to park. There is no public transportation here.

Posted on: 8/30/01 6:43:37 PM
Headin to Ft. Worth to visit my hubby's family. Wish I was stayin home to clean house and get ready to put it on the market. But a promise is a promise... I'd rather work than play???!! What's wrong with me. UTAH!!!!!! What did you do to me THIS TIME!!???ROFLMTO I will miss you guys at the chat, hae fun for me too. I'll be the shadow in the corner throwing pillows and tantrums.
Posted on: 8/30/01 6:45:58 PM
Lisa, sorry the babies are sick, hug them for me. Abbie and Donna, just remember this graduation day is in the may be a LONG WAY but it's worth the work to get to that day. And be thankful you don't get the chicken pox during your hardest semester in all your years in college! THat was a MAJOR BUMMER!
View profile for CAGLE
Posted on: 8/30/01 6:50:03 PM


View profile for cagle1fan
Posted on: 8/30/01 8:50:39 PM
Lisa, Thanks alot. I will be traveling to see Chris in Detroit on saturday and Madison, WI on sunday. I hope you enjoy your weekend. Jen
Lori D
View profile for Lori D
Posted on: 8/30/01 9:16:25 PM
What a better way to spend a Holiday weekend? Travel 5 hours to Madison, WI to see another concert!
View profile for Chris~
Posted on: 8/30/01 10:33:26 PM
Going to do some relaxing, but also spend the day Sunday with my son for his 5th birthday! Wish I was able to go to the concert in Rockford with my sister Friday! Have fun Debbie~ Have a great and safe holiday everyone! Chris~
View profile for Debbie~
Posted on: 8/30/01 11:12:19 PM
Well...I am starting the weekend with a Cagle concert!Can't think of a better way to start it off! Then try & get some R & R!

Thanks Utah~ You have a nice weekend, I'll Pop some tops for you! & hope those handsome boys are feeling better soon! Debbie~

View profile for Tigger
Posted on: 8/30/01 11:45:02 PM
ok guys... get ready for a good laugh,cause here's my plans for the weekend!!

tonite... i just got back from seeing Kenny Chesney (awesome... not as good as Chris, but still...), tomorrow nite I go see Toby Keith & Brooks & Dunn. Saturday, my son and I are meeting April down in Baltimore to see Charlie Daniels (& Chad Brock... Diet Pepsi anyone?), then sunday it's 98 degrees with my cousin!! I am so glad I don't have to work Monday!!!

wait... is Chris playing somewhere Monday? I need another concert to go to... LOL!! But, i'm Playin It Loud the whole time!!! *Heather

View profile for Judee
Posted on: 8/31/01 6:59:28 AM
Lets see: Friday - Billy Ray Cyrus; Sat - either Darryl Worley or CDB/Chad Brock; Sunday - Phil Vassar & Trick Pony; Monday - my nephews
View profile for CCfanNY
Posted on: 8/31/01 7:36:01 AM
I am hosting a Japanese exchange student, so my weekend is going to be full of showing him the beauty of the Adirondacks in upstate NY. Sure wish I was going to Michigan Saturday night though. You guys have fun !!!! Lynne
Posted on: 8/31/01 7:49:58 AM
I'll be helping my brother set up his new computer and teaching my parents how to use it (they're computer illeterate (sp?)). Everyone have a safe and happy holiday!!!
Posted on: 8/31/01 11:26:27 AM
My Labor Day weekend plans include seeing Chris perform in Detroit! What a nice way to spend an evening. I have missed seeing him perform. Last time was in Sandusky, Ohio! Keep PLAYING IT LOUD!!
tonya in ohio
View profile for tonya in ohio
Posted on: 8/31/01 11:36:55 AM
sorry, i didn't see this post before i sent mine out. i think we're going to cumberland lake. tonight, high school football. we go and watch my husband's old school(mine too for a while). i really miss that part of high school,drill team and the football games! my daughters will be in marching band next year. have a safe holiday weekend to everyone!!!!
View profile for HeatherF
Posted on: 8/31/01 11:49:49 AM
It was Labor day weekend, I was seventeen, bought a coke and some gasoline and I drove out to the county fair...oh wait, wrong :). My weekend plans consist of nothing but family stuff. Boring, boring, boring..Oh well. I wish I was going to a concert. All you people going to one have fun for me!
Devona aka HobieFan
View profile for Devona aka HobieFan
Posted on: 8/31/01 12:37:50 PM
Kick back! Crack up the cd player with Chris/Trick Pony cds! I am going to rest up for a concert on Friday night & might get some daydreaming in to! Have a great Labor Day may it be filled with lots of Chris/Rockridge!
View profile for Joy
Posted on: 8/31/01 12:46:01 PM
I am going to Missouri to see my stepbrother and to get my stepdad's ashes! Sounds fun huh! We are going to go to Branson and do the whole tourist thing, I've never been there so it should be fun. The drive is what I am going to hate, from Dallas to Joplin 7hrs yuck and by myself and not leaving til 7pm or so. Oh well, have a great weekend everyone!!!!!
View profile for SandraR
Posted on: 8/31/01 1:02:20 PM
Lisa, I'm sorry that your boys,are sick.I hope they get better.I'm going to the lake if it don't rain. It's raining today and suppose to rain tommorrow, but, it is suppose to be pretty Sunday and Monday! The weekend might not be to bad.
View profile for Utahgirl
Posted on: 8/31/01 5:33:12 PM
Thanks you guys for all your well wishes for my boys! They are both still sick, so I'm glad we aren't trying to go to the cabin!

I'm so happy that many are getting a Cagle Fix in this weekend, I'll be there in spirit! Have a good one everybody, talk to you on Tuesday! **Lisa**

Ryan McGraw (Lil`Tim)
View profile for Ryan McGraw (Lil`Tim)
Posted on: 8/31/01 9:58:38 PM
LOL! Whatcha mean Abbie? When I was in college, I had a blast!
Michelle J.
View profile for Michelle J.
Posted on: 8/31/01 10:01:15 PM
Unfortunately my Labor Day plans look like they will include trying to fight off this cold that I seem to be catching from the snotty little kids that I work with. But at least I have a long weekend to get over it.
View profile for chris_cagle_boy
Posted on: 8/31/01 10:12:38 PM
My Labor Day Plans involve shopping at a Books A Million store here in my area that is going out of business and is have a salllleeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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