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Topic: How cool is that...
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View profile for CountryXtheGraceofGod
Started on: 8/30/01 9:49:22 PM
Hey Cagleheads! Who da thunk it, I'm browsing the message board, listening to the radio, and BAM! "You've always been a friend of mine, that's the we'll be til the day I die..." I just thought that that was pretty cool, lol! Michelle from NY
Posted on: 8/31/01 7:53:03 AM
AAAWWWW Was that meant for us?That's so sweet. We are good friends and family on this board. We have a great "Mack Daddy" who taught us well. ROFL
View profile for CountryXtheGraceofGod
Posted on: 8/31/01 9:53:09 PM
Hehehe! ROTFL @ "Redneck Mac Daddy"! I finally caught that episode of Face The Music and taped it! What a funny guy he is! Thanks for the reply Salsamaker! Michelle from New York

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