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Topic: ChrisCagle ~ what a sweetie !
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View profile for CagleHeadCutiePie
Started on: 5/2/2002 11:04:38 PM
Oh My Gosh ~ I just met Chris at the Lynwood Fredmeyer , and he is SOOOOOOO sweet ! Chris , Is my number one favorite country singer , he made my day ( and probably the rest of my life !!! , hehehehe ) And it was wierd , because I mean you see him on music videos and stuff and he is sooo famous , and loved and everything , and its like wow !! But then you meet him and you remeber he is just a normal person like you and me , but with awsome talent , ( not to mention , is REALLY Hott ) hehehe . Thank you so much Chris ~ Nikita
View profile for BlueEyes
Posted on: 5/2/2002 11:21:59 PM
Amen Nikita! I just got back home too! And, you're right! He's just so great to get to meet, 'cause he is just like the rest of us...except, he's CHRIS!! LOL :D
View profile for Mindylou
Posted on: 5/3/2002 12:06:51 PM
It was so cool to have him RIGHT THERE! And I even made him laugh (probably thinks I'm some crazy chick)! I have my two autographed cds here with me at work today, so that I can stare at him all day long, and my poster is hanging in my room at home. I haven't been this jazzed about a celebrity since I was a kid!
Devona aka HobieFan
View profile for Devona aka HobieFan
Posted on: 5/3/2002 2:28:10 PM
Breathe in & Breathe out or you will need little cagle cpr!
View profile for BlueEyes
Posted on: 5/3/2002 3:44:37 PM
Me too Mindylou! I feel like a kid again when I get to meet him! LOL :)
View profile for CagleHeadCutiePie
Posted on: 5/3/2002 6:46:00 PM
Hey ~ so like I have a question , has like everyone on this board met him ??I wouldn't be suprised if everyone who has just absolutly loved him ?? He is sooo sweet ( like I said before ) ~ Nikita
View profile for CagleHeadCutiePie
Posted on: 5/3/2002 6:51:12 PM
Devona ~ hehehehe I like that one ! Thats funny you say that too , cuz like at the fred meyer there was this one girl who was crying and hyperventilating and stuff I was like ~ WOW !!! ~ Nikita
View profile for loricalic
Posted on: 5/3/2002 7:04:58 PM
Hi guys! I met him for the first time in March. I was sooo nervous in line, and i don't even remember what i said, what he said, it was the first time i ever met someone famous. Last week i met Darryl Worley and was not nervous cuz I didn't, at that time, worship the ground he walks on (now i do, i'm hooked on him too LOL), so i looked him in the eye and talked to him. It was like practice for my next Cagle m & G, so i think i won't be so nervous in june....It's so cool, isn't it? meeting him??? aaaahhhhhhhh, i feel a case of Cagleitis coming on.........

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