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Topic: Pictures From Great Adventure
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View profile for CountryLovah
Started on: 9/10/2002 2:59:14 PM
Hi guys! I haven't posted to this list much (I just joined) but I wanted to let you all know that I took a bunch of pictures at the show on Saturday of both Chris and Gary. I just added them to my website. So if any of you want to take a look the address is I also have pictures of me and Sons Of The Desert, and me and Rhett Akins on there and pictures from their shows. I wish I could have met either Chris or Gary but I'm not a fan club memeber yet. We did see a few of Chris's bandmates at Wawa after the show. We pulled in right after the tourbus. Well I'm gonna go. Hope you guys like the pictures! -Sue
Posted on: 9/10/2002 3:48:13 PM
I've tried and tried, but I keep getting a message that the page can't be displayed. Any idea why?
View profile for CountryLovah
Posted on: 9/10/2002 9:35:00 PM
OOps! I accidentally put a period in a place a slash should be and that is why the addy wasn't working. Try this: htpp:// Now THAT should work! lol Sorry guys! -Sue
View profile for CountryLovah
Posted on: 9/10/2002 9:36:09 PM
Somebody smack me! That time I wrote htpp lol... Geez I am a moron and I didn't even have anything to drink tonight! lol If I mistype something that this time, I am giving up lol
View profile for CCROCKS
Posted on: 9/10/2002 9:48:39 PM
Hey, those are great pics :) I didnt get up close for Chris because I was off to the side..but for Gary I got right in front..I should have switched lol You know, I am making a scrapbook for all my concert photos and never thought to take a pic of the concert sign. :) Thanks for sharing them.

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